Customers buying directly in China can use Peeka's SHIP4U service to bring the goods to Singapore. Customers can buy from any supplier in China. 


Peeka Way of Sea Shipping 不一样的散货海运

1.   Hassle-Free Self-Service Web-Based Operations 自助网页操作: For most of orders, no calling or chatting is required. Yet we are always available should you need us, through calls, emails or comments in your order.

2.   Local Support Team 本地服务团队: We are a Singapore based/registered company. You can reach us by phone 69080800 or email us at We can take instant action upon your request.

3.   Free Photos 免费拍照: for every delivery received at Shenzhen warehouse, 2 photos will be taken and uploaded into your account. What you see is What You Get!

4.   Palletized 货物上排: goods are placed on pallets, wrapped, and then put into container using forklift. Unlike others, we never need to step on your goods to load and unload. With us, your parcels, big or small, will be taken good care of.

5.   Accurate Measurement 准确测量体积重量: Every carton is measured to calculate the total volume/weight. Size of individual carton is recorded in your order for your verification.


Sea Shipping vs Air Shipping 海运空运的比较

As air freight charge is higher, many may have an impression that air shipping is a better option for product safety and protection. This is actually incorrect.

With Peeka sea shipping, your items are only handled by Peeka staff before delivered to your doorstep. And our specially designed process will protect your items during the whole process. Once your items are loaded onto container at our Shenzhen warehouse, the container will be sealed immedaitely. No one else will see it and touch it until it reaches Peeka Singapore warehouse (except customs officers who may inspect them). Fact: after the goods reach our Shenzhen warehouse, it will be handled by only by one group of people throughout the whole process till delivery to your doorstep. Thus your product safety and protection are guaranteed.


For air shipping, your items will be handled by many hands from different companies. It will first be passed to China couriers, who will pass it to China customs for inspection, who will send it to customs warehouse. It will be then loaded onto air plane by airport team. When it reaches Singapore, it will be unloaded from airplane to warehouse (another team), and then inspected by SG customs officer, and then passed to local courier during customs pickup, and then delivered to their own warehouse for sorting and arranging local delivery. Your items could be damaged if any one steps went wrong. For fragile items. the rate of damage is much higher.


Conclusion: Air shipping is faster, but Peeka's sea shipping is a better choice for item safety and protection. 

How it works



1) Your unique China address is available in your user profile. It's our Shenzhen warehouse address, with your nick name and user ID included. 


2) Make your purchases and payment directly on Taobao, or to any other supplier in China. Ask seller/supplier to deliver to your China address given in step 1.


3) [Recommended] Once you obtained the delivery tracking information from the seller, enter it into your Peeka SHIP4U account. # This will help us to identify the owner of the parcel upon arrival at Shenzhen warehouse.


4) You will receive email notifications when your packages arrive at our China warehouse. Photos of the products/packages will be uploaded shortly.


5) Login into you account. Under ship4u menu, declare the name/quantity/amount of the goods in RMB. If all items are arrived, please select them and checkout. A ship4u order will be created with total amount (including GST). For air shipment, please make payment immediately. For sea shipment, please make payment within 7 days. (You may create a few ship4u orders if the items are to be delivered to differernt addresses in Singapore.)


6) Peeka will pack, label and ship out your packages.


7) Sit back and wait for your packages to arrive at your doorstep! It normally takes about 2 - 3 weeks for the items to be delivered.







> Select User->SHIP4U menu to view received parcels.








> Click Item Details button to view item photos and declare item details.








# Why do you need to enter China domestic delivery tracking information into your Peeka SHIP4U account?  


Ans: The tracking number is the most reliable way to reconcile with the packages received. Without it, we use the nickname / user ID in your address to identify the parcel. Many times the seller will write none of them, or the writing is not clear (Below is an example of waybill carbon copy we receive.). In such cases, it will result in delays in determining the owner of the parcel. We encourage you to provide the pending parcel with AWB#.






 - The delivery charges are based on sum of weight of individual packages (total rounded up to nearest 0.5kg). The weight here refers to total actual weight or total volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

 - There is no limit on how many packages you can consolidate under one order / shipment.

 - Base charge of S$6 apply per order. There is NO concierge fee, clearance fee, or local delivery fee.

 - Free storage for first 30 calendar days for each package. After that it's chargeable base on weight tier per package tracking ID per day.

 - Excessive length surcharge applies (single side above 200cm). 


 - Please prepay all charges including China domestic shipping fee (快递,物流) to your seller. If any payment is required at our Shenzhen warehouse, admin fee of RMB10 or more will be charged. Peeka reserves the right to reject any delivery requiring payment.




Please refer to the rates page for detailed SHIP4U sea shipping rates.






SHIP4U Terms and Conditions

Peeka reserves the right to reject or discard any package if it is deemed by Peeka to be of a controlled or prohibited in nature or may have custom clearance issue, without providing any justification or compensation.

Packages with visible damage on the exterior of the packaging or are not proper packaged for shipment will be rejected at the Receiving Centre. If rejected, buyers can then proceed check directly with seller for follow up actions.

Buyers will bear all cost associated with discarding or returning the item.

If you are unsure of the item suitablity for shipment, please check with Peeka before sending it to your China address.

All Controlled and Prohibited products includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Plants
  • Animals and pets
  • Medications, Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Firecrackers and Explosives, imitation firearms, weapons
  • Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products
  • Obscene articles, publications, video tapes/discs and software
  • Multimedia contents including video tapes, video compact discs, laser discs, records or cassettes
  • Telecommunication and Radio Communication Equipment including toy walkie-talkies
  • Counterfeit of international Branded Products

Please refer to Customs for latest list.




Peeka Basic Inspection will NOT apply to packages received under Peeka SHIP4U. Apart from screening for prohibited and controlled items, Peeka will not be inspecting the packages' content for quality, quantity and completeness.




Payment for your Peeka SHIP4U orders can be made via I-Banking or ATM transfer. For SHIP4U order via sea, payment should be made within 1 week after checkout. For SHIP4U order by air, payment must be cleared first before it can be sent out.


SHIP4U order submitted can not be cancelled or modified.



Other terms

  • Under Peeka SHIP4U service, Peeka will not be able to interact with merchants in any way. Buyers will need to communicate with the merchants directly on any issue relating to the package and its delivery to Peeka Receiving Centre.
  • Peeka reserves the right to reject or discard any package deem to contain controlled or prohibited items that may potentially cause custom clearance issue, without providing any justification or compensation.
  • Peeka reserves the right to reject any package arriving at our Receiving Centre that are improperly packed for shipment or is visibly damaged externally.
  • Peeka's compensation for loss or damaged packages only apply after Peeka has notified users of the receipt of package at Peeka Receiving Centre. Peeka is not liable for any compensation for any package for which Peeka has not yet notify users of receipt at the Receiving Centre. Compensation of any loss or damage per package is limited to the lower of S$30 or declared value of package. If the damage or loss occurs in transit, the total compensation for all packages under one SHIP4U shipment will be capped at the lower of S$100 or the value of the loss and/or damaged items.
  • Peeka will not be liable for any compensation for any delay arising from receiving, consolidation, shipment and delivery of your package for any reason that is within or beyond Peeka's control.
  • Buyers are to ensure that packages are addressed correctly to their China address. Any incorrect address indicated on the package may result in lost package. Peeka will not be liable in any way for packages that are addressed incorrectly.
  • The above SHIP4U terms are to be read together with Peeka general terms and policies. By sending a package to your Peeka China address, you agree to these terms.