Purchase Policy

Peeka Purchasing Policy

(Updated 10 Feb 2015)


What Peeka isn't?

Peeka is NOT in anyway affiliated to Taobao. We DO NOT represent www.Taobao.com (淘宝) or any of the merchants / sellers on Taobao (淘宝).

Our Receiving Centre in China carries out basic inspections to determine that goods delivered from the merchants / sellers meet the description of the product. Should there be any mismatch or defects, we will effect a return to the merchant / seller immediately and request for a replacement.

If a replacement is not possible, we will be requesting for a refund. This is done at receiving centre before the goods are ship to you so you can be assured that you are getting what you bought.

However, we do not provide guarantee and will not be responsible for the quality, authenticity and functionality of the products purchased via Peeka.


Peeka Basic Inspection

Peeka Basic Inspection guarantees the following Quality aspects: Colour, Sizing and Quantity. As quality is subjective. All other aspects of quality, including functionality, are not covered.

Colour - We will match the general colour only. Variants in colours are not covered and are considered the same general colour. Light blue, baby blue, sky blue, navy blue, dark blue are all considered blue. Color must be visually inspectable by naked eyes without using any tools. Electrical lighting and LED color are not checked and hence not covered.

Sizing - We will match the size indicate in your Peeka order to the size label on the product received. If the size label is not available on the product or if it is presented in a different format or standard than that is given in your order, it would be assumed as correct.

Quantity - We will check the quantity purchased matches the quantity received.

Items not covered in our Basic Inspections:

  • Items of unit value ¥30 and below.
  • Bulk quantities
  • Items that are very small (e.g. buttons).
  • Items packed in wooden crates.
  • Free Gift (both quantity and quality)
  • Design variants
  • Product material / minor surface scratches
  • Accessories attached to the item (eg, ribbon on clothes, bag's zip)
  • Flat-packed furniture or products requiring assembling


Product Warranty

For both Peeka BUY4U and SHIP4U, Peeka does NOT offer warranty for product quality or functionality. For products via BUY4U, Peeka will help follow up with seller. Replacement parts for BUY4U products will be delivered over to your door step for free (customer may be required to pay for the GST if the parts is not given for free).


Customers will arrange and bear the cost for sending the goods back to the seller. Note taxes at China customs may apply (typically 25% or more, depending on the product itself). Singpost is the preferred option for sending items back to China. 



Products that Peeka doesn't support

In general, you can buy almost everything from Taobao. However do note that the following non-exhaustive list of items will not be suppported by Peeka.

Peeka reserves the right to reject the purchase and / or delivery if we believe it may has custom clearance issue.

  • All Controlled and Prohibited products including but not limited to: 
  • Plants
  • Animals and pets
  • Medications, Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Firecrackers and Explosives
  • Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products
  • Obscene articles, publications, video tapes/discs and software
  • Multimedia contents including video tapes, video compact discs, laser discs, records or cassettes
  • Telecommunication and Radio Communication Equipment including toy walkie-takies
  • International Branded Products

Please refer to Customs for latest list.

 In addition, items containing liquids, powder, gels, batteries are not supported on Express (air) deliveries.


Adding more items to your orders

After you have checked out your order with the 1st payment made, you are still able to add more items to your order under the following conditions.

  -  Your order is not fully received at our Receiving Centre

  - The total value of your order upon adding the new item will not exceed 50%, or S$200 of 1st Payment made, which ever is lower.


Combining orders for single delivery

You can request to combine orders in a single delivery to save cost. There will only be one set of Concierge and Delivery fees.

Up to 3 orders can be combined in a delivery. To qualify for combining orders, all orders must:

  • be checked out with first payment made.
  • using same delivery method.
  • same delivery address (i.e. postal code and unit # must be the same)
  • not yet fully received at Peeka Receiving Centre.



Vacuum Packing

Peeka provides vacuum packing services to help you reduce the volume at affortable rate. This is only available for Economy (sea) delivery and is NOT available for Express (air) shipements.

Vacuum packing only one or two pieces of clothing will NOT be effective. Peeka recommends using vacuum packing only for big compressible items, such as stuffed toys, pillows, comforters, winter clothing etc.

Please note the following terms and conditions.

  • Depending on the quantity and the type of product, Peeka will, at its discretion, determine in the most economical manner, the number of vacuum bags required.
  • 1 vacuum bag can be used to pack one or more items.
  • You will be billed for the number of vacuum bag used. You will NOT be billed based on the number of items vacuum packed.
  • Each reusable vacuum bag (up to 110 x 80 cm) is chargeable. Please refer to surcharge section of our rates page.
  • Peeka will not be responsible for any deformation to the product due to vacuum packing
  • Peeka reserve the rights to not to vacuum pack any item deemed not suitable for vacuum packing without prior notice.
  • Due to customs and airlines’ inspection requirements, vacuum packing service is not available for Express orders.



Local Courier Delivery for Economy / Express Delivery

Our Express and Economy delivery fees includes delivery to your address in mainland Singapore (except restricted-access locations).

You will receive an automated email notification from us when your order arrives at our Warehouse in Kallang Sector.

The first delivery attempt will be made within 2 working days. Our courier may or may not call before delivery. Should there be no one to receive the parcel, our courier will call to arrange for re-delivery.

Before your parcel arrives at our Kallang Warehouse, you can indicate your delivery preference for the following time slots: Weekdays / Weekends / Afternoons / Evenings. Note there is no delivery on Sundays and Public holidays.

Special request

Urgent deliveries (within 24 hrs of arrival at Kallang) or deliveries at specific time / date can be requested at an additional fee. Refer to Surchage section of our Delivery Rates page.



Change of Delivery Address

You can request to change your delivery address.

Please note that admin charges of S$10 will be applicable for late change address if package has already arrived at our Singapore warehouse. Refer to Surchage section of our Delivery Rates page.



Self-Collecting Your Package

You can opt to self-collect your package at our office during office hours.

To do so:

  • Inform us via order comment / give us a call BEFORE your package arrives at our Singapore warehouse
  • Give us a call 1-2 hours before coming down

For Economy delivery, $5 Peeka Reward point will be credited to you after self-collection.

Rebate is only applicable if no delivery attempt had been made prior to it. Should there be an unsuccessful attempt to deliver the package and the user subsequently choose to self-collect the parcel, reward points will not be credited.



Additional Charges

There may be additional surcharge for

  • delivery of heavy item to floor without direct lift access
  • item exceeding 2m.
  • vacuum packing

Please refer to Surchage section of our Delivery Rates page.



Storage Charges


There are no storage charges at our Receiving Centre for Buy4u orders placed with Peeka. All Buy4u orders will automatically be readied for delivery then all items in the order or group of combined orders are fully received at our Receiving Centre.  


For SHIP4U orders, there is a 20 days free storage period for each tracking ID from the receipt of the parcel at our Receiving Centre. Thereafter, storage fee applies on daily basis, depending on the weight tier. Please refer to our rates page for more detail.



Taobao / TMall Bonus Points

Peeka does not support bonus point offered by Taobao. To enjoy bonus point, you need to register a Taobao / Aliwangwang account and make the purchase using your own Taobao account.

You can use Peeka's ship only service to ship your own purchases. Refer to SHIP4U FAQ for more details.



PRC Domestic courier charges

PRC domestic courier charges (aka 快递费,物流费) are incurred when sellers ship the purchases to the buyers within China. Between cities in China, 快递 is by Air, typically for items below 20kg and 物流 is by overland transport, typically for items > 20kg or for products that are not allowed  via air deliveries. These charges are typically quoted by and paid to the sellers. Peeka do not profit from PRC domestic courier charges. The PRC domestic courier charge that you indicate in your order may not reflect the actual charge that needs to be paid to the seller. Should the actual domestic courier charge differs from what you have indicated in your order by less than or equal ¥10 (~S$2), Peeka will proceed to place your order on Taobao. However, should the the difference be more than ¥10, Peeka will check with you before placing your order on Taobao. 


Peeka Ship4U 

Want to source and buy items yourself? Peeka can consolidate and ship them to you.

More details here.

With the launch of Peeka SHIP4U in July 2014, Peeka SHIP-Only service will no longer be supported.


Loss or Damage in Delivery

Limits of compensation

Peeka's liability for compensation for loss or visibily damaged articles arising from delivery from Peeka Receiving Centre to your specified address is limited to a maximum of S$30 per delivery  (regardless of the number of combined orders in a single delivery). The actual compensation amount is to be assessed by Peeka, based on the purchase value of items lost and / or the extent of the damage. Only visible damage will be considered. Peeka will not be liable for quality, manufacturing and functional defects.


The original packaging of fragile items provided by the sellers directly affects the survivabilty of the items in transit. Due to the varied nature of fragile items, Peeka will not be able to repackage everything to be breakage-proof. As such, Peeka will not be liable for any compensation for damage for the following fragile items: 

  • Acrylics, glass, procelain and marble wares
  • Lightings and Mirrors 
  • Items packed in full or skeleton crates

All claims against Peeka for compensation must be made in writing to Peeka within 3 working days of receiving the order from Peeka.



Lemon Law

Lemon Law in Singapore covers the sales of goods in Singapore. It does not cover sale of services. Peeka is only a purchasing and delivery service provider. We will try our best to help resolve any issues that you have your purchases but we won't able to commit to the possiblity of product exchange or refund with seller.

Please read our Basic Inspections above before placing order with us.