Peeka Delivery Rates

Last updated 30-Apr-2019


Before placing order, please read carefully of the Peeka Purchasing Policy

Peeka_Buy4U = (Product_cost + Delivery_in_China) * 103% + IMPORT_DUTY + Delivery_Fee*
Peeka_Ship4U = S$6 + IMPORT_DUTY + Delivery_Fee*

*Delivery_Fee please refer to following table.

All items are delivered to Singapore doorstep, unless otherwise arranged.


Peeka Sea Shpping Delivery Fee (Same for BUY4U and SHIP4U)


Economy Sea Shipping Delivery Rates (Base charges + Possible Surcharge apply): 

        Weight Charge        

             S$ / 0.5 kg             

1st 30 kg


next 50 kg


next 80 kg


beyond 160 kg


Rates effective for all new orders and existing orders not shipped yet as of 2021-11-25


Peeka delivery charge is simple and clear. Unlike others, Peeka does not charge concierge fee (agent fee) on shipping fee. And your items will be delivered to your doorstep, without any extra fee.


For both Buy4U and Ship4U services, the shipping charge is based on actual weight, or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

Volumetric weight (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 6000

*Peeka will measure the weight and dimension of each and every individual parcel, then sum up (precision 1cm). 


We offer Buy4U service and Ship4U service. Below is a quick summary of the difference of the two services. 

             Buy4U (Recommended)            


Base Charge 

3% of Product Value

(Minimum S$5, per order)


Basic Inspection

Inspection for Size / Color / Quantity ONLY

Not available.

Goods with damaged packaging may be rejected.

Special Inspection *Available at additional cost. Not available.


Individual packaging for small items might be removed

to save shipping charges.

Not available.

Peeka may consolidate small items into a bigger carton.

However, shipping charges are

still based on measurement for individual items.

Vaccum Packing Per user request with a fee. Not available.
  Warranty Follow-Up  


Follow-up with seller is possible since we are the buyer. 

Not available.
Fragile Items


Peeka will do necessary re-packing to protect the items.

No compensation

unless shipping guarantee is purchased.


Item Loss (sea): 100% (up to S$500)

Item loss (air): up to S$200, or 110% of shipping fee, whichever is lower.

Items damaged during sea shipping: [per order] Up to S$200, or 110% of shipping fee, whichever is lower.

Item damaged during air shipping: No compensation from Peeka. Please hold the courier repsonsible upon receiving.  

Item loss (sea): 100% (up to S$500)

Item loss (air): up to S$50 or 110% of the shipping fee, whichever is lower.

Items damaged during sea shipping: [Per order] S$50 or 110% of the shipping fee, whichever is lower.

Item damaged during air shipping: No compensation from Peeka. Please hold the courier responsble upon receiving. 

  Recommended for    All type of users. Small Merchants / Taobao Experts

Base charge is per shipment / order. Combined orders are considered as one shipment. As of now, Peeka do not limit on number of items per order.


E.g. Total package weight is 35.4kg, and value of the goods are S$200 (inclusive of delivery to Shenzhen warehouse).

Peeka BUY4U delivery fee (SG local delivery included)

=   Weight Charge (rounded to 35.5 kg)

=  (30 x 2 x 1.40) + (5.5 x 2 x 1.00)

= S$95

Note 3% concierge fee on the total goods value (S$200) applies.


Note GST will be applied on goods value (plus any domestic delivery fee in China). In this case, 200 * 7% = S$14 will be collected.

Part of the delivery fee (30%) is considered as handling fee in China, which are subject to 7% import duty. Currently Peeka absorbs import duty for China handling fee, freight charges and insurance.


Eco Air (3 - 6 working days) Delivery (Availble for both Buy4U & Ship4U Service)

(via Air to doorstep, Duty/Tax excempted for value < $400; above S$400, please pay to courier company directly with additional handling fee)

Total Package Weight Air Express Delivery (per 500g)
500g and below S$10
Up to 20kg S$2.7
Up to 50kg S$2.4
Above 50kg S$2.1

Air Delivery Service is suspended since April 2020.


Example 1 - Total weight of parcel is 750g, Air Express Delivery fee is S$12.7

Example 2 - Total weight of parcel is 1.5kg, Air Express Delivery fee is S$10 + $5.4 = S$15.4

The higher of the actual weight or volumetric weight (including packaging) will be taken into consideration for the Express Delivery Charges.

Volumetric weight (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 6000

About Peeka Eco Air Delivery

* Note additional charges (S$8 per order for 8kg and below;above 8kg S$0.6 per kg) may apply for sensitive items (such as battery, liquid, cosmetic items, branded items, network router, products with minor liquid (such as ball pen), etc), if it cannot be delivered through normal channel. The typical delivery time is 3 - 6 working days, to door directly. For goods with value above S$400, GST & import permit handling fee is applicable, and please make payment to courier directly.

Examples of sensitive items: built-in battery, router, minor liquid (such as ball pen), magnetic item, food, etc. Peeka will not charge extra if it can go through our normal delivery channel.


Optional Surcharges (Applicable to both BUY4U and SHIP4U when necessary)


1) Individual Import Permit document/handling fee $35. [Optional for personal users]. This is required if you as an individual or company require to apply for Import permit separately (for GST claim), or you are importing controlled items such as electric bicycle, cookware or food items.

2) Non-Lift floor level surcharge for heavy orders (more than 30kg): Estimated S$0.5 per kg per level of carriage (Actual amount will be confirmed once all items are received, before delivery).

3) For extremely long items.

    - Express Air Shipment:  No excess length surcharge up to 1.2 metre. Above this surcharge is applicable.

    - BUY4U/Ship4U Economy Sea Shipment: No excess length surcharge for items below 2m. For items between 2-3 m, there will be an excess length surcharge of S$30 per delivery. For items longer than 3m, please contact us for quotation. 

4) Urgent Delivery: A $15 surcharge  is required for request immediate delivery within 12 hrs, or for deliveries only at specific time / date.

5) Change of delivery address after packages arrival : A $10 admin fee will be chargeable upon request to change delivery address AFTER your package arrives at our Singapore warehouse. It is FREE to change BEFORE goods arrival in SG warehouse.

6) Delivery to Restricted Area: A $40 fee will be chargeable for restricted-access locations such as government and military installations, Sentosa, Jurong Island, etc.

7) Overdue Storage Fee: A S$30/cbm storage fee is applicable for local SG storage per week or part thereof, starting 1 week after arrival.

8) Vacuum Bag Fee: S$4 for each reusable vacuum bag (up to 110 x 80 cm) used. Vacuum packing is not applicable to Ship4U orders.

9) Redirecting Parcels: S$10 admin fee + Domestic courier charges for forwarding of SHIP4U packges back to seller or to any other location within China. This does not apply if SHIP4U packages arrives damaged and was rejected by the Receiving Centre.

10) Fragile Item Protection (upon request)S$20 / S$40 / S$60 crating fee for each package requested with package's maximum length up to 0.4m / 0.8m / 1.0 m respectively.



Concierge Fee (or Agent Fee) - Revised to 3% since Nov 1, 2017

This is applicable to BUY4U only.

Concierge fee is calculated base on total product value of the order (inclusive of PRC domestic courier fee), but excluding shipping and delivery fee to Singapore (yes, we don't play such trick).

Its calculated at 5% 3% of product value, or S$5, whichever is higher.

For combined orders, Concierge fee is calculated in the same way but it will be based on the total product values of all orders combined.

1) If total products value for all ordes combined < S$166.67, Concierge fee is charged at $5 for main order, S$0 for the rest.

2) If total products value for all ordes combined > S$166.67, Concierge fee is charged at 3% for each order


Storage fee for Ship4U Only

Free storage for first 20 days for each package, starting from the day of arrival at our Receiving Center.

Beyond the 20th day, storage fee per package is chargeable as follows:


             S$ / day           

 <= 10KG


10KG+ to 20KG


> 30KG


Rates effective from 2015-04-06

E.g. Parcel is 15Kg, kept at warehouse for 22 days before check out for delivery.

Storage cost =  S$3 * (22 - 20)

                        = S$3 * 2

                        = S$6


Import Duty

Import duty is handled differently between Economy Sea delivery and Express Air delivery.

Eco Air delivery

Import duty relief is applicable if total value is less than S$400.

7% import duty is applicable if total value is more than S$400. Customers is to pay the amount with handling fee to licensed courier company (such as SF Express, DHL, etc) directly, not Peeka.


Economy Sea delivery

Importy duty relief is only applicable for Air Import and not applicable for Economy Sea delivery. Hence 7% import duty is always applicable regardless of total product values.


For more information, please refer to Singapore Custom's FAQ: http://goo.gl/UNxylB

QUOTE: "GST relief is granted on goods excluding dutiable products imported by air courier/post to a total value not exceeding $400.".


How to make payment to Peeka 

We accept payment by bank transfer (immediate with FAST) and cheque (Please make it payable to N-Idea Pte Ltd. We will only process your order after the amount is in our bank, it normally takes 2 working days).

Please use your Peeka username (nickname) as Payer's initial when adding us as Payee. Do not leave it blank. Do not use 'Peeka'.  We use this information to indentify your payment.

Please try to pay the exact amount quoted (cents value included). Do not round up to nearest whole number. This would help us to indentify your payment.

Please transfer to one of these two current accounts. Account name is N-Idea Pte Ltd.

After the bank transfer, you must acknowledge it in the order page so that we can verify your payment. Please acknowledge the correct single amount transferred.

For ATM payment, please note both of our accounts are CURRENT account.


  1. DBS current account- 0039312415

  2. OCBC current account- 689770501001




Thank you!