DIY Lanyards

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Disclaimer: This is a Purcahse-On-Behalf product. The price is single all-in price, including service & delivery, and tax if any. Note Peeka is not a dealer of this product. By carting this product, you agree Peeka will not be responsible for the design, the quality, the features and functions of the products. Thank you!

Price as low as S$0.2 each (depending on the quantity and requirements).

DIY Work Flow

  • Step 1: Create an order and make payment of S$20. This is the design fee, and will be refunded when order is confirmed.
  • Step 2:  Provide Design Requirement (refer to contents below for  detailed parts consideration). Please create an order here and email your requirement to
  • Step 3: Peeka will contact you for confirmation. A quotation and design (see below) will be sent to you for final confirmation. Order price will be adjusted to included all cost. 
    • Top up S$30 for sample verification before mass production. Sample will be made and sent via air express, typically in one week.
  • Step 4: Make final payment (less the S$20 design fee). Peeka will only proceed to make production after payment is received.


1 Quantity 数量 Minimum 100+
2 Belt Material + Color 带子材料 和 颜色 See Below
3 Width / Length / Thickness 长+宽+厚度  Tyoically 8mm to 20mm
4 Hook Material & Design 扣子的材料和设计 Metal / Plastic
5 Other Requirement 其他要求 Safety hook, additional accessories





Design Document to be sent to user



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