FCL 20/40 Foot Container Delivery

Peeka Price


Peeka now offers FCL container delivery service: Door to door from China to Singapore. Price above is typical all-in* price for Shanghai / Guangdong Province. Price might be higher depending on the actual pickuo location (e.g., for locations far away from port, higher transportion fee applies).

S$2100/ 2600 all-in price is applicable for following city addresses:

广东省/ Guang Dong Province: 东莞 Gongguan, 广州 Guangzhou, 深圳 Shenzhen.

上海市 / Shanghai City

浙江省/Zhejiang Privince: 宁波 Ningbo, 义乌 Yiwu, 温州 Wenzhou,  瑞安 Rui'an, 绍兴 Shaoxing

Other addresses may incur slightly higher trucking charges.

Above all-in price is inclusive of following routine charges:

Item Description Remarks
China - Document Fee Customs declarations (official or delegate type) Customer has to provide detailed/accurate invoice/packing list.
China - Haulier Fee Two-way service: deliver container to loading address, and truck back to customs port. Additional Charges apply if loading take more than 6 hours, or container will have to stay over-night.
Carrier Fee Freight Charges / Terminal Handling charges for both China and SG customs/ports  
SG - Document Fee Import permit declaration / handling  
SG - Haulier Fee Two-way delivery  of container. Container will be removed next day typically. Wait charges / instant removal apply if customer want the container to be removed immediately or at specific time.


Following charges are not included and actual amount will be billed back to you if incurred:

  1. China Customs inspection: In case the container is selected for inspection, additional charges will be collected. The amount is case by case.
  2. Singapore Customs Inspection charges: Same as China customs charge. The amount is case by case.
  3. Insurance: Insurance is optional at 0.2%. 
  4. Container washing charges: After unstuffing the container, you are required to clean the container carefully. PSA may charge washing charges if the container is not clean upon returning. This amount will be billed back to you. Typical washing charge is S$20 - S$40.
  5. Late charges for trucking container out of PSA Port: Upon vessel discharge, the container must be trucked out of PSA port within 72 hours, otherwise a late/storage fee will be imposed by PSA and carrier, counting from day 1. (Typical charges is around S$35 per day for port charge + carrier charge).
  6. Late charges for returning container: typically container must returned to port within 72 hours, otherwise a late return charge will be imposed by carrier. Peeka can help extend this period to 7 days upon booking of the container (not after container has arrived). 
  7. Singapore import duty (7% GST).
  8. Other non-routine charges that might arise.


How to Proceed

  • Step 1: Cart "Desposit to Kick-off" and submit the order. Make Payment for deposit. Peeka will then contact you for confirmation.
  • Step 2: Email us (support@peeka.sg) the contact details, and items details (invoice/packing list; or item description).
  • Step 3: Get your finger crossed and wait for Peeka to complete the whole process for you.

Peeka will

  • Contact your supplier and arrange container pickup in about one week,
  • Do customs declaration at both China (export) and Singapore (import).
  • Arrange haulier to truck container to your place, and return it back to port at later date.

It normally takes about 10 - 12 days from the date of loading for the container to reach Singapore. In case of typhoon or other extreme weather conditions, duration will be extended.

Cancellation charges

  • Order cancellation at 2 days before loading, a S$50 cancellation charge will apply.
  • Order cancellation 1 day before, or on the day of loading, cancellation charge will be S$500++.

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