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What is Peeka?

淘宝 Taobao is the largest consumer shopping portal in the world. Peeka, with our 1st Class concierge service and cost effective shipments, brings the experience of Taobao shopping to your doorstep

The whole shopping process is simple and easy, check out the quick tour below.

  • New Order

    New Order
    In Dashboard, Click on New Order. Then select your delivery method.

  • Add Product

    Add Product
    Add product you want to buy. Enter the URL and the system will auto fetch the pricing, PRC Shipping chargres. Enter Color/Size where applicable.

  • Manage Order

    Manage Order
    Product added will be listed. You can keep adding product, or remove them if you change your mind.

  • Make Payment

    Make Payment
    When you are done, make first payment to commit your order. First payment required is total value of the order, excluding international shipping cost.

  • Price Quoted

    Buying & Tracking
    After we verify your payment, Peeka will proceed to make the purchases. Items may take up to a week to reach. You can track the progress in the system. We will send you email update as well.

  • Acknowledge Payment

    Second Payment
    A second payment notice will be sent to you for the balance payment + shipping charges, when all your items are recevied and dimension measured.

  • Shipping Address

    Continue Shopping
    After second payment, just sit back, relax and wait for the delivery, and continue shopping for more good deals!