Shipping Discount for Bulky Items

Volumetric Discount for Bulky Items [Sea Shipping Only]

Last update: Dec 1, 2020.


Terms & Conditions:

  • - For sea shipping only.
  • - Applicable for Buy4U services only, unless otherwise stated.
  • - Promotion Ongoing till Further Notice.
  • - Peeka's deicison on the promotion items is final.

Sea freight cost increased tremendously since October 2020. Peeka will continue to offer special discount for selected bulky items with adjustment. Note these discounts are now for Buy4U services only. The discount is given automatically upon receiving at our China warehouse. It is done by multiply a discount factor in the volume measurement, which will be reflected in the final quotation. No action is required from users. Note these discounts are only applicable for volumetric weight. If the actual weight is higher than the discounted volumetric weight, the final shipping charge will be calculated based on the actual weight.

Here is the list of the selected items that will enjoy the discount for sea shipping.



Enjoy 20% OFF Volumetric Weight for Tables and Chairs

  • - Mattress (including folable mattress)
  • - Luggage cases (18" and above, delivery fee for a typical 20" luggage is about S$11.2 after discount)






Enjoy 10% OFF Volumetric Weight for Bicycles

  • - Non-electric bicycle only.
  • - Also applicable to children bicycles and foldable bicycles. 



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