How-To BUY4U

Peeka is your one-stop China sourcing and delivery agent.


You may use Peeka BUY4U if you would intend to save the hassle of making purchases from China seller directly. With BUY4U service, simply create a BUY4U order, and then add the product links into it. Once the first payment is received, Peeka will make the purchases and arrange delivery to your doorstep.


Advantage of Using BUY4U Service

- Basic inspection on size/quantity/color or model (for some electronic items). 

- Enable Peeka to follow up with seller if there is any issue before or after delivery.

- To better protect the fragile items since we know he contents.

- Other special service upon request, such as repacking, vacuum packing.


How it works

With BUY4U, two payments are required:

1. First Payment: this amount is about the total value of the products you have added into the order. Once first payment is received, Peeka will proceed to make purchases. You can still add in more items into the same order, so long not all items are arrived. You can add more products even total amount is more than the first payment amount. Peeka offers credit term of S$200 or 50% of the 1st payment, whichever is lower.

2. When all items in the order are arrived, the order will be packed and shipped. A final quotation including delivery fee / import duty / etc is provided. Customers are required to make payment within 7 days, so that we can arrange SG local delivery without any delay.


> Step 1. Create New BUY4U Order, select the delivery method.



> Step 2. Click "Add Product" button to add products to the order. 


>> 2.1 Enter product URL, and click on fetch. Peeka support fetching from Taobao / T-Mall / / / /


> Step 3. Make First Payment and Checkout/Acknowledge the order.

If you would like to make purchases in China yourself, you can consider to use our Ship4U service. Click here for more details.