DIY Combine Orders

Yes, you can combine up to 3 Peeka orders into a single shipment. 

For combined orders in a single shipment, there will only be one set of Concierge and Shipping fees. 


How to combine the orders?

 1) In your checked out order, click on the Combine Shipment button. A list of other active orders will be displayed

 2) Select the order to combine with

 3) Click Confirm button to combine


That’s it !

*Only deposit paid orders having the SAME delivery method, shipping address and are not yet fully received at the Receiving centre can be combined.

*For combined orders, if you are changing shipping address of 1 order, all order in the same group/shipment will have their shipping address updated as well.

*Final quotation will be provided for individual orders. However, only 1 order will has the shipping charges. Please make separate balance payment for each order.