Luggage 50% Off Sea Shipping

Luggage is bulky. Let us shrink it for you for shipping: only 50% of the size or weight will be charged. In your order, you should see a 50% factor for the luggage volume, and 50% of the actual weight is added to the total actual weight of your order (if you have other items). No action is required from you. The discount will be given and executed automatically.




Terms & Conditions:

  • Previous promotion about luggage ends automatically. This new promotion starts on Oct 26, 2015 and is ongoing until notice. 
  • Only luggage bags (non foldable/collapsible), 20″ and larger will be eligible for this promotion.
  • Nothing will be placed into the new luggage. All such requests to place items within luggage bag will not be accepted.
  • The usual Peeka terms and conditions apply.
  • Peeka! decisions will be final.
  • Peeka! reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions without prior notification.