Payment Information

How to make payment to Peeka 

We accept payment by bank transfer (immediate with FAST) and cheque (Please make it payable to N-Idea Pte Ltd. We will only process your order after the amount is in our bank, it normally takes 2 working days).

Please use your Peeka username (nickname) as Payer's initial when adding us as Payee. Do not leave it blank, nor use 'Peeka' as the Payer's name.  We use this information to indentify your payment.

Please try to pay the exact amount quoted (cents value included). Do not round up to nearest whole number. This would help us to indentify your payment.

Please transfer to one of these two current accounts. Account name is N-Idea Pte Ltd.

After the bank transfer, you must acknowledge it in the order page so that we can verify your payment.

For ATM payment, please note both of our accounts are CURRENT account.


  1. DBS current account- 0039312415

  2. OCBC current account- 689770501001




Thank you!