Peeka Customized Mirrors and Tempered Glasses



Mirrors and Tempered Glass [Guaranteed Shipping - BUY4U only]

Mirrors and tempered glass are extremely fragile items. The choice in local market is limited yet the price is high.

Peeka offers free shipping guarantee for these two types of items. If it is broken upon delivery, Peeka would replace it with another piece, at no extra cost (note it will take another 3 - 4 weeks for for Peeka to purchase and deliver). This offer is only valid with Buy4u service, via Peeka Sea Shipping.

Below are the typical packaging for mirrors and tempered glass we've shipped in the past.

With Peeka's quality control, and carefully designed process to load and unload the container, we are confident in dealing with fragile items.

Safety of your Products: Peeka never steps on your products. All Peeka goods are arranged on pallets, and secured using plastic wrapper film before loading into container. Peeka uses GP type of container, whose inner height is 2.3 meters. Other service providers are using 40ft HQ container, with 2.76m inner height. Imagine how they load goods (this is a manual work): they have to steps on products so as to fill up the space in the top. 

Accuracy of Measurement: Peeka measures every individual box to an accuracy of 1cm, and this size information is recorded in the order, and sent in the final quotation. If there is any discrepancy, you can always get back to us. Most of the other service poviders will only give you a lum sum volume without much details. The volume of your goods will be inflated for more than 30%.