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Peeka TV Service [Guaranteed Shipping]

Many customers are interested in buying LeTV and Xiaomi TV from China.

Reasons for Buying LeTV and Xiaomi TV from China:

1) Much Lower Cost: Many of the TVs are below half price of the same size sold locally.
2) Plenty of TV Programs: LeTV and Xiaomi TV come with live channels/drama/movies, at low cost.
3) Good Product Quality: These TVs use Samsung/LG/Sharp panels. So there is no fundamental difference in quality. In fact, many of such TVs made in China come with powerful processors, which give very good performance.

There are also a few factors should be considered seriously before buying LeTV or Xiaomi TV.
1) No Warranty, No Support: they don't have a local support team. You may call them for remote support only.
2) IP Restriction for Movies and Dramas: Many movies and dramas are only licensed to mainland China only. They cannot be played in Singapore.
3) Display in Chinese: Though the TVs support English menu, most of their contents are shown in Chinese.
4) Some Android Apps May Not Work: LeTV and Xiaomi are all using a tailored version of Android OS. Apps such as Youtube/Netflix may not work properly after installation. We managed to install Youtube on LeTV, without Google Service Framework. It works but no user login feature.

5) Built-in Ads: LeTV will play built-in ad upon TV power up (about 15 seconds). The ad is about LeTV's own products and services. Xiaomi TV also has similar ads pop-up. 

Simple Pricing for Peeka TV Delivery Service [Buy4U only]

TVs with large LCD screen are fragile. And it may have issues turning on, or with bad pixels. Peeka is here to help solve these delivery related issues.

In stead of normal Buy4U order calculating concierge fee/shipping fee/crate fee/guarantee, Peeka now offers a single price with all these included for TV service.


TV Size

Concierge Fee

Shipping Fee


Crate / Uncrate






















Terms & Conditions:
1) Must use Buy4U only. A separate order will be created. No concierge fee. Buy4U will allow our China team to check and return the TV should there be any issue.
2) Peeka will make crate protection in China, and then uncrate in Singapore upon delivery. Disposal for wooden crate is included.
3) Upon receiving TV at China warehouse, Peeka will test the TV, to make sure the TV is able to power up and work, and there is less than 3 dead pixels.
4) Additional charges may apply if seller charges us for returning for the TV set after checking for bad pixel. In China, TV with less than 3 dead pixels is not considerted as defect.
5) Free delivery for 1 set of wall-mount bracket (if purchased).
6) Note Peeka does not offer warranty for the TV delivered after delivery.

Typical Crate for TV Protection by Peeka

Upon delivery, customers are required to check whether there is any physical damage. Our delivery staff will help unbox the TV. Below is the compensation by Peeka based on the conditions of TV received in Singapore.  Customers must report if there is any bad pixel within 7 days after delivery. Verification might be required.


Peeka Remedy


Unable to turn on

Screen is damaged

Replace with new set.

Customers need to wait for 3 - 4 weeks.

Check upon delivery

1 - 3 bad pixels

* This is considered as normal.


4 - 7 bad pixels

Refund 50% of service fee.


8 - 12 bad pixels

Refund 100% of service fee.


13+ bad pixels

Replace with new set.

Customers need to wait for 3 - 4 weeks.



*Note: In China, if the TV has 3 or less bad pixels, it is not considered as a defect. The seller may reject this as a reason for replacement. In this case, we will return the TV using Taobao's "no-reason return", and the seller will request us to pay China domestic delivery for both ways. User will have to bear with this cost. 

If the TV is damaged or has more than 13 bad pixels (with pixel checking service), Peeka will arrange for replacement a new set. Customers have to wait for 3 - 4 weeks. Customers can request for refund for TV cost + pixel checking fee only. The service fee is not refundable in this case.


How to Use Peeka-TV Service?

Simply leave a comment PEEKA-TV, or call us. Note a separate order will be created for the TV purchase. Other discount or promotion is not applicable for TV service.


The LeTV company is having some financial trouble in China. So far their TV service is not effected. But you may want to take precaution. Anyway, apps from other company can be installed onto their TV sets.

Here are some links for LeTV and Xiaomi TV. You can find your own links, and add into your Buy4U orders. 

1) LeTV  [Search “乐视电视机” in T-Mall or Taobao]


[LeTV Official site, fetching not supported yet. Please email us to add it into your order.] 

2) Xiaomi TV [Search 小米电视机 in T-Mall or Taobao]



[Xiaomi TV Official site. Fetching not supported. Please email us to add it into your order.]


We thank you for your support! Hope you enjoy shopping with Peeka!